The Singular Word – Benjamin Henderson

The rapidly industrializing Adrionic Empire faces an unprecedented succession crisis. The bed-ridden emperor's only legal heir is known as an apocalyptic madman, and a militant group of anarchists unsatisfied with the Empire's slow reform in an era of technological change want to bring the entire system down. Some want harshly enforced order, others are consigned to the inevitable end, and, for the Empire's political leader Titus Belgrave, there are no right answers. 

But, unconcerned with all of this is a team of the world's most brilliant kineticists. Brought together by an eccentric business tycoon, the most advanced minds in their field aim to discover and harness the deepest secret of the physical universe. The Hapax Legomenon. The Singular Word.

469 pages; paperback; 5in x 7.75in

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