J. Y. Strain

An ambitious stranger arrives in the progressive, self-sufficient community of Arden with new ideas for what Arden can become, and what it can achieve, no matter the cost...

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Strange Biology

Kristin Hugo

A collection of new and expanded articles with photographs by science blogger Kristin Hugo exploring the morbidly fascinating edges of biology...

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The Street Flattener

Patrick Cavanaugh

A race of shapeshifting aliens find the remnants of humanity following society's collapse, but they also find they must mimic the humans to escape galactic justice...

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The Singular Word

Benjamin Henderson

A rapidly industrializing empire struggles to maintain order amidst a succession crisis while a team of scientists attempt to harness the secrets of the physical universe...

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The Golden Mean

Benjamin Henderson

The future of the Adironic Empire, and perhaps of existence itself, hinges on the choices of scientists, statesmen, and explorers in the second book of the Hapax Legomenon series...

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