Ceti is currently in a non-reading period that will last indefinitely. Unsolicited submissions sent to Ceti will not be considered. Visit this page in the future for updates.

Ceti Publishing does not require potential authors to submit manuscripts via an agent and will accept all manuscripts submitted by the authors themselves. Depending on how busy Chris is, submitting authors can expect to hear back in as little as a couple of weeks to as long as two months. In any case, submitting authors will receive an email reply from Chris confirming that their submissions have been received and are awaiting consideration. If you are not given such a receipt within two weeks of submitting a manuscript to Ceti, please contact Chris by emailing 

Ceti requires that unsolicited submissions from authors who have not published with Ceti in the past be completed manuscripts, and Ceti also requires that submissions be made electronically. Physically mailed submissions will not be considered.

Ceti's primary interests include (but are not limited to) science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and magical realism in novels, novellas, and short story collections. Ceti also usually will have a specific interest Chris would like to see covered; visit the current interest page to see what Ceti is looking for. Before submitting your work for consideration, please note that Ceti at this time does not accept poetry submissions.

Also please note that, from time to time, Ceti will enter a non-reading period in which Chris will temporarily not consider new manuscripts for publication. The dates for current and upcoming non-reading periods will be posted on this page. Please refrain from submitting manuscripts during a non-reading period. 


Submit your manuscript to Ceti

To digitally submit your manuscript(s) for consideration, email with your manuscript(s) attached as a .docx, .pdf, or .txt file. You will receive an email confirmation from him as soon as possible.