Lies in the Sand – Michael Wettengel

Every man, woman, and child knows God's name to be Garamoush, and He has been asleep for seventy years.  For those seventy years, the nation of Garaheim has known peace in the strictest sense as The Ministry of Fate and His Greatness listens to God speak in His sleep. Yet, the hearts and minds of humans do not have the strength of nations and gods. 

The Ministry now tries to reclaim the flawless, perhaps impossibly pristine, past once enjoyed by all people of the land. Yet, the dignified and violent path through life that the Ministry offers to its Knights is no longer the path for Stenn Fenner. 

But the ghosts of the past are not easily so exorcized. Across the world the queen of a royal court of her fellow orphans broods in her castle of a turnip shed. Pulled from the corpses of her heathen parents, "Queen" Anna spins dark and desperate thoughts to the rhythm of the rain falling through the holes in her castle’s roof. 

The two, despite their power and history, are still just one of million who find themselves doubting not only their lives but the world they live in. And for once in far too long, there is no divine guidance for Garaheim’s people and only wading through time and silence will the desperate find their own way…

352 pages; paperback; 6in x 9in

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