The Golden Mean – Benjamin Henderson

Following the deadly Anarchist attacks that shook the foundations of the empire (as well as the empire’s trust in scientific progress), Prime Minister Titus Belgrave and his heads of state are scrambling to bring the world to order under a new, youthful emperor. But, with this new weakness revealed, many are eager to take advantage of the cracks in the government’s façade.

To that end, the Hadley Foundation has sent explorer extraordinaire Archibald Humphreys on an expedition. With luck, the legend will help them rebuild their ambitious project to discover and harness what could be the very foundation of creation—a principle of science discovered by the classical Fathers of Kinetics in a land far from civilization as the Adironic Empire knows it. Will uncovering these secrets lead to another astounding leap forward in this current age of technological marvels? Or will it bring about the end of existence?

The tale continues in The Golden Mean, sequel to Benjamin Henderson’s 2015 fantasy novel The Singular Word.

502 pages; paperback; 6in x 9in

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